Red Bull Butter Cup 2011: Northstar-at-Tahoe CA

The Red Bull Butter Cup snowboard competition, 22 stops covering all corners of the country. It arrived at Northstar-at-Tahoe in late March, at the tail end of a two-week hundred-plus-inch storm. Snowy conditions and strong winds made for less that ideal conditions but that didn’t stop 73 riders from turning out to show off their buttery tricks.


Hiking past the pole-jam-to-down-box on the way to the top of the course; Northstar’s Terrain Park Staff put the finishing touches on the course, including the bank-box wall-ride.


Competitors meeting at the top of the course in snowy conditions.


Spectators at the sidelines watch as one of the female competitors frontside boardslides the up box.


Frontside lipsliding the hitching-post at the end of the course.


Riding high on the tree at the end of the course; Spectators enjoy some beverages as they watch the action.


Flying into a nose press on the down box.


Backside lipsliding the up box; A backside disaster on the hitching-post.


Spectators on the sidelines as riders fly down the course.


Snowboards come in handy as shelter from the wind.


This girl doesn’t let the strong winds effect her as she boardslides the down box.



Frontside lipsliding the hitching-post; Riders look on with interest.


Ronnie stoked on the Red Bull Butter Cup at California’s Northstar-at-Tahoe.

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  1. You were pretty brave to be out there getting some shots with all that crazy white out weather. Yeah I was there too. Just seeing if I ended up in frame with you at all. White boy rockin a Black tall tee over a tan brown hoodie, yellow pants, hot blue K2 underboard. really like the website and work.. surf and snow cant go wrong with that. Thanks rob

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