TransWorld TransAM 2011: Northstar-at-Tahoe CA

The 2011 TransWorld TransAM, fifth and penultimate stop at Northstar-at-Tahoe. On a cold and very un-Californian February day, with gently falling snow alternating with sunshine, 119 riders turned out to compete. With 40 inch snow storm in the 24 hours before the final TransWorld TransAM tour stop at Northstar (before the March final at Bear), the hard working Terrain Park crew got out of bed early to make sure the course was perfect. After a frenetic Traffic Jam as all riders dropped in and did their best to impress and win the red t-shirt ticket to the next round, 40 riders made the finals and began sessioning the course line by line. In the end, of course, there could only be one girl and one guy to win.


In darkness, with the moon as a backdrop, Joe turns his attention and spork to the High Cascade pole jam.


NJ sporks the Ride jump as the cat still pushes snow around to build, snow-covered trees in the background.


Mike happily and frantically sporks the Zumez feature.


Mike uses the chainsaw to achieve a perfectly shaped course.


The sun finally peeps over the hill top as Alex and Ben work on those perfect sides; Rays of sunlight peeping over the hill to a spork laying in the snow, the Zumiez quarter pipe couch feature in the distance.


Mike works at clearing snow away from the jibs.


Finishing by cat touches, decorations and animation by hand and the course is ready for the competition.


The mountain opens and riders begin filling the gondola cabins, their snowboards hanging off the side.


A mass of snowboards start appearing around the course as the start time nears.


And the competition beings. The judges yell “go” and 119 riders clamber up the the drop in zone.


Park Staff and judge, red t-shirts at the ready, have prime position for watching the steeze on the Zumiez couch quarter pipe.


One of the riders hits the pole jam on the High Cascade bus, complete with stop sign, license plate, break lights and exhaust.


A rider hits the box and bonk on the giant Coal beanie made of snow; The crowd of onlookers beside the anon zone.


Hiking through the course back to the drop in zone.


This kid has already earned his red t-shirt but continues working hard to impress.


A hand-plant on the Zumiez quarter pipe; A cameraman records the event for TransWorld.


Waiting for the finals to begin.


A mass of red t-shirts, the first rider drop in for the Top 40 Final.


The judges watch the competition on line three closely; Groms hike with the big kids.


Riders make the most of the Zumiez couch.


Light snow falls on the watching crowd.


At this point in the competition, everyone watches the riders closely as they try to impress; No competition time is lost as riders drop in immediately after each other.


The riders just keep hiking and keep trying.


Frontside lipsliding the anon jibs.


Trying to impress in front of the crowd.


Competition over, the red t-shirts disperse and start making their way to the village for the awards.

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